about us
Unique Design ))
The unmistakable concept of Meduse Design emphasises the originality of your interior - design as art, Shisha pipe as jewellery - which can become a part of your home - interior sculpture.
Innovation ))
A shisha pipe as a perfectly operating organism whose design uses the latest technological solutions in a new context.
Comfort ))
Exceptional smoking comfort is provided not only by the high manufacturing quality, but also by a wide range of original accessories. (link to pipes accessories)
Service & parts ))
Full service and spare parts are provided quickly and efficiently. High-quality materials )) Highest quality materials used: stainless steel, laboratory molten glass "Simax", silicone filling in the washable hoses allows to use the very same hose for different kinds of flavored tobacco.
Health friendly ))
Meduse pipes does not use tinfoil as a pad under charcoal. Instead of tinfoil we use a sreen filter made from stainless steel that is used in the food industry. When burned tinfoil produces an aluminum oxide, which is toxic.
Handmade craft ))
The production is based on careful, strictly inspected hand work whose prestige is enhanced with the use of noble materials, and detail-sensitive and precise workmanship.
Bohemian Glass ))
Hand blown "Bohemian Glass", which has had its name in the world for centuries, is a perfect guarantee of quality and permanent value..
Limited Edition ))
We offer certificate protected limited editions. The most demanding customers may choose a unique product according to their needs.
Worldwide original ))
The unmatched concept of Meduse Pipes represents a touch of uniqueness in many respects. (link to lab).
Experience ))
Thanks to more intense stimulation of all five senses and the interactivity, the experience of smoking is more profound and enjoyable.

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