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We are proud to introduce our collection of luxurious water pipes which follows the Arabian tradition of shisha (hookah) pipes. However, through revolutionary design, uncompromising quality of craftsmanship and a number of technical innovations, we carry the phenomenon into a brand new dimension. The “Craft collection” design is inspired by the elegant organic lines which are ubiquitous throughout underwater sea life. The key motivation for designing the original shisha pipe collection is to satisfy the immensely intense experience of the client, who is able to relax with the shisha at the highest possible level of pleasure. The collection comprises of five main models, each of which is designed with an individual approach and specific design purpose, resulting in a compact collection of shisha pipes with different characteristics: from the expressive and rustic Brute and Brute Grande, the stately and elegant Noble, to the delicate and minimalist Mirage and Mirage Grande. The character of both Mirage models is further enhanced by illumination from the interactive Chameleon light module which transforms the shisha into an impressive luminous object inciting a pleasant and captivating atmosphere. The exclusiveness of the “Craft collection” is emphasized by its use of noble materials and its precise workmanship which is accompanied by the use of modern manufacturing technologies as well as traditional craftsmanship. The exceptional prestige and permanent value of Meduse Pipes is guaranteed by Czech hand-blown “Bohemian Glass”, which has been held in high regard for centuries thanks to its unique properties. Each shisha design has remarkable dimensions that push the limits of traditional manufacturing without the use of machines. This requires hours of hand work by skilled and experienced blacksmiths and glass-blowing masters. The shisha becomes an artistic solitaire which enriches any interior and becomes an inseparable and natural element. The high-bred and timeless design of the Meduse Pipes collection will comply with the requirements of the most demanding clients who can appreciate luxury and comfort with full service, the air of light extravagance, and a feeling of absolute uniqueness. .

All shisha models in the “Craft collection” are produced in three variants: with one hose “Mono”, with two hoses “Duality”, or with three hoses “Trinity”, in either “Comfort”, with an integrated check-valve straight in the hose, or “Classic”, where a air-valve is a separate component.

BRUTE / Craft collection
BRUTE GRANDE / Craft collection
brute grande
NOBLE / Craft collection
MIRAGE / Craft collection
MIRAGE GRANDE / Craft collection
mirage grande
BRILLIANT / Premium collection

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