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SNIPER / Portable collection

The unique collection of all-metal shisha pipes (hookah) is launching on the market so far unprecedented idea: a travel Shisha, which stands the operation in difficult conditions. The collection of Sniper models transforms the shisha pipe enjoyment into a brand new context: it moves the favourite activity out of home to any place possible while keeping all the comfort. Thus, Sniper turns out into an ideal companion on the beach, at sea, in the desert or in the mountains, …It embodies a modern, dynamic and flexible person who is always on the move. The extravagant futuristic design of the “Portable collection” is based on industrial elements, minimalist trends and the elegance of high quality stainless steel, which is shaped with precision by cutting edge hi-tech production methods. This outdoor collection is particularly designed for those who appreciate an easy handling and maximum durable high quality mobile shisha which draws attention to its elegant design and a fair amount of extravagance.

The Sniper shisha is provided with one or two hoses (Sniper Duality). The model Mini Sniper is offered without a hose (with a screw tip) or with one hose (Mini Sniper flex).

MINI SNIPER / Portable collection
mini sniper
NAKED SNIPER / Portable collection
naked sniper
SNIPER / Portable collection
GOLDEN MINI SNIPER / Premium collection
golden mini sniper

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